A: Yes! Le Parfait jars are approved for use with foodstuffs and can be used for long-term food preservation with either water bath canning or pressure canning process. Please refer to https://www.leparfait.com/recipes for specific time and temperature requirements for a specific recipe! Please note: The rubber seal (Super) or the sealing cap (Screw Top) is a replacement part and a new seal should be used for each canning event.

A: Yes, Le Parfait glass is a soda-lime-silica glass, which has no lead added in the formula during fabrication. Our products are tested annually to certify there are no heavy metal contaminants (lead, cadmium, etc). Additionally, Le Parfait glass adheres to the most stringent of European/French standards for glass approved for use with food products. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with Le Parfait!

A: Yes, Le Parfait glass jars work well for freezer storage due to the sleekly designed neck and shoulders. As with the other glassware, be sure to leave proper headspace for content to expand.

A: Le Parfait Terrines have a slightly tapered body with straight sides and zero neckline, whereas the Super Jars have a rounded body with subtle neck and shoulders.

A: Each wire hinge is assembled by hand in France and adheres to the tolerances of the specific jar, and are currently unavailable for sale individually.

A: The Le Parfait milk bottles will work under pressure and are a high quality food-grade glass. The metal twist lid is similar to a jam jar lid, with lugs and plastisol liner to create an airtight seal. As with other metal twist lids, we recommend to only twist on 'hand tight". A lid that is over-tightened can strip the lugs and then the cap will simply spin without gripping. Most second fermenting users will utilize the Le Parfait swing-top bottles for items like limoncello and kombucha as well.

A: No, the colorful plastic lids are not recommended for use with the Familia Wiss Terrine (French Mason) line.

A: The 3 L jars are 11.25” tall and 5.5” wide with a rubber seal diameter of 100 mm. Interior dimensions of 10.25'' clear height should be sufficient to hold three or four 1 lb boxes of spaghetti noodles. Enjoy the volume and versatility of Le Parfait for all your kitchen needs!

A: Rubber seals should be replaced after every canning or pickling project, or every six months for everyday use. If there are any signs of cracking, drying, or discoloration replace immediately as this can cause damage to the closing mechanism or lid of the jars.

A: Le Parfait Super Jars and Terrines are a great choice for everyday lifestyle use with proper maintenance and care. These products are dishwasher safe and can also be hand washed if preferred. Please be sure to air dry completely before storing to ensure longevity. If the jar is being used frequently/daily, we suggest rotating the wire hinge and lid often to extend the life of the wire mechanism and glass lid. As well, the Screw Top jar are a great alternative for everyday lifestyle use!

A: Le Parfait jars have an extra-wide “mouth” opening compared to regular or wide-mouth mason jars. This makes cooking, canning and everyday usage simpler, as it is easier to fill (and easier to indulge!). Enjoy the superior functional design of Le Parfait!

A: Please feel free to email us at “info@leparfait.us” or call us at (844) 537-2732. We look forward to hearing from you!

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