Lunch to go

Lunch to go

Every day, it’s the same old question: what’s for lunch? Sandwiches? Takeout? Ready meals? Stay clear from these fake fast food friends. They are rarely good for your health (and the planet), and switch to jars. Economical, eco-friendly (no more plastic and packaging) and healthy, a home-made canned meal is great for lunch on the go, at the office or for a picnic in the local park. 

It’s a simple formula: good ingredients, a few jars and you’re done! Whether you prefer home-made canned foods or salad jars, you can prepare great little dishes for a perfect lunch! Here’s why: 


The advantage of the home-made canned meal is that you can choose the precise size of your container (unlike the prepared dishes you buy on every street corner). You put in EXACTLY what you need for a little solo pleasure. 

Here’s an example with these mashed potatoes and beetroot, or this cumin broccoli, in a Familia Wiss terrine that you can unscrew and slip into the microwave in less time than it takes to say yummy. 


The other great advantage of home-made canned food is knowing the precise content of your lunches. That’s normal, you’re the one who makes them. And since you are a great food artist, there’s no doubt about the virtuosity of your preparations: colourful, natural, seasonal and local ingredients with zero GMOs and no pesticides. In short, good, healthy, and convenient. 

And if you need inspiration, we have a few suggestions for you to try out: a colourful and delicious vegetable medley with lardons, or two great classics (dare we say, masterpieces) from French cuisine, lamb navarin and spring vegetables and soft endives with ham.


The other major advantage for gourmets and lovers of the good life is to rediscover the flavours of past seasons. It will not be new to you but the only way to eat tomatoes out of season with a real tomato flavour is to have canned them the previous summer.  

The same applies to all fruit and vegetables! And believe us, it’s a real pleasure, a small culinary miracle to be able to find them at any time of the year, as with this green bean curry, to be made and kept for sun-filled lunches all year round.

And because spring is drawing near, start a few good habits and think salad jars for your next lunches! Le Parfait jars are ideal for this! Play with the ingredients in your jars, stack everything that inspires you (be careful, in the right order please!): dressing, heavy vegetables (beetroot, carrots etc.), young shoots, seeds... everything is allowed! Treat yourself and create lovely colourful effects. Don’t forget to share your creations with us #leparfaitshare .