ChouAmi - The Little Fermenter

Le Parfait Community,

We are excited to announce something great in the works!

Being part of a healthy lifestyle revolution, we thought you would be interested in a fun and stylish new invention we are bringing to market in the coming months - and are currently looking for help spread the word...

ChouAmi - The Little Fermenter  

In French, Chou~cabbage and Ami~friend, so this is your little fermentation helper to help make all your culinary dreams come true - pickles, kraut, kimchi, you name it - and it's beautiful for your kitchen counter as well :)

The product is in final development stage and we are hoping to get it launched for retail stores and eCommerce this summer, so we need some help from the community!

Please visit the page to be one of the first worldwide to get your hands on a ChouAmi - and be sure to spread the word as well (email, social, however!) - so that we can generate buzz and bring this wonderful project to life. 

So, please send this to at least three of your best friends right now!!!

Thanks for your help, and Let's Get Fermenting! :)

Le Parfait America