Remedies to melancholy

In the summer, we often find grains of sand at the bottom of a bag, tan lines that make the most beautiful effect, some postcards with "Big kisses" on our fridge ... and long for a little nostalgia to continue all year . For that we propose a little melancholy remedy as effective as tempting: put summer in jar!

So when the end of August approaches, rather than moping we play it cool and we fill up in pantries with riches in the days that shorten: preparing to revel in the flavors of summer during the heart of the winter!

Melons in syrup

Because this recipe can not be found on the shelves, even those of upscale grocery stores. This is the best way to have great melon all year;) 

Apricot jam 

We all need breakfasts that have the color and flavor of summer days. That's good, because this jam is exactly that!


Because there is no simpler, tastier and more summery treasure than this jar. All that the sun has gilded this summer will keep very well for the cooler months!

Dried tomatoes with olive oil

Garlic clove, aromatic herbs, olive oil, tomatoes ... everything is perfect! And everything is in season! Keep calm and open in case of acute summer crisis. 

Terrine of summer vegetables with truffle oil

Everything is said in the title, but if you still have to convince yourself, we add the words vegetarian aperitif, melting eggplant and suave peppers. 


And if these few recipes whet your appetite (ours? yes!), know that there are plenty of others under the jar. So before talking autumn & mushrooms (yes we're a little impatient anyway!) Keep an eye on our social networks (and on our site) because we have prepared you to extend the summer, ALL YEAR!