Back to jam

Let's say it immediately, jams have never had as much of the spotlight as in 2019.  We already talked about it at the beginning of the year , searches for homemade jam recipes exploded on Pinterest: + 875% search ; and it's the same on our site (yes, yes, we see you rushing to preserve strawberries, apricots and other summer sweets :).

How to explain the great return of this classic?  Perhaps just because a  jar full of summer fruit is not only  the most delicious way to treat these breakfasts  (snacks, lunch, snacks, dinners, we do not judge!) is above all  a way to preserve much more than fruit: love and memories. All with a minimal effort. We tell you why here.


It is often associated with grandmothers, yet jam is a breeze.  All you need are the right ingredients and the right utensils to avoid poor results in your pot. Fruit, the equivalent of their weight in sugar (or at least 80%), a pan, jam jars with their lids, and a spoon (wooden, like granny, please).  That's all it takes to make the best recipes in a jiffy. 


Sunday preservers all agree on one point: to make a good jam, you have to know the good techniques and the little secrets. And because at Le Parfait we are team players, we have compiled this  simple tutorial . Here you can find why and how to clean your jars, macerate your fruit (they will release more juice), test on a cold plate and fill the jars! 


Know this, jam has no limit: from the most basic recipe (hello strawberries ) to the extraordinary (do melon and honey tempt you?), everything can be jammed. Just a pinch of creativity (or daring) to create the perfect band of sweet jars. In classic versions, jam gives  blackberries ,  apricots ,  peaches ,  cherries etc. In versions-not-for-the-fearful-of-new-flavors we welcome with open hearts tomatoes , onions ,  beets ,  balsamic mirabelles - finally, everything that makes your little taste buds tickle. Need inspiration?  Our site is full of recipes! 


We can not repeat it enough, jams make the best gifts. And we do not say that just because we love to receive them. The truth is that a jam is more than just fruit: it is often the tastes of a region, a season, a time of the year that remind us that we love to share. A jam is the memory of an afternoon under the cherry trees, a walk in the fields bordered by mulberry trees, a field of blueberries at the end of the road. It's a little jar that means we thought about loved ones during the best days of the year. Generosity spread on a slice of toasted (French) bread.